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5 night Rowley Shoals Snorkeling Cruise

The Rowley Shoals is located 260km from Broome, and are made up of 3 coral atolls. You will discover the pristine reefs and waters of this beautiful marine park. Be one of very few to enjoy the un spoilt beauty of the Rowley Shoals as there are less than 200 people that visit it each year making it so remote.

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Snorkel crystal clear lagoons, vertical 300m walls and high speed drift channel snorkels. Our experienced crew will take you to those secret fishing spots to find sail fish, marlin, tuna, Spanish mackerel or even a wahoo.
You will be able to snorkel amongst colourful coral gardens, giant clams and more the 500 of the oceans most beautiful fish including the potato cod, Maori wrasse and don't forget about shark alley.

You will get to experience sunset drinks and beach combing on the secluded Bedwell Island to finish the day.



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