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Abrolhos Islands

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9 night West Coast Adventure

Departs Fremantle and arrives in Broome

The nine night cruise is designed for those guests who want to see the full potential of the West Australia Coastline. The cruises main attractions are below, with many hidden gems along the way.

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A set itinerary is difficult to follow due to the tidal movements of the coast. So in the best interest and comfort of our passengers, we set our itineraries on a day by day basis.
Abrolhos Islands
Guests will enjoy the crystal-clear waters for snorkelling and swimming, view stunning sunsets, Multi-coloured shacks and enjoy the wildlife surrounding them. As we make our way through the island passages we will stop for a snorkel at Anemone Lump, located within the marine sanctuary. Moving on past West Wallaby Island we will go ashore and visit the sites of the Defense Force. We will visit the site of the wreck of the Batavia and learn about the mutiny that occurred in 1629.

Shark Bay & Dirk Hartog Island
Guests will have the opportunity to explore Dirt Hartog Island along with learning about the local fishing history surrounding the Island. Some of you may wish to enjoy a refreshing swim and snorkel or explore the pristine beaches of Dirk Hartog Island.We will also be passing Steep Point; the most western point of Australian mainland. The waters surrounding the island are home to hundreds of fish species, including whiting, Spanish mackerel, snapper, yellowfin tuna which you will have the opportunity to fish for from the tenders.
Coral Bay
Snorkelling will be first on the list, when guests relish in the tranquil waters surrounding the Ningaloo Reef. Guests will also visit the remnants of the Norwegian Bay whaling station to learn the history of the Ningaloo Reef area to help us imagine what this remote environment would've been like a hundred years ago.

Montebello Islands
The 'Montes' are an archipelago of 174 small islands lying 130 kilometers off the Pilbara coast of north- Western Australia. We will spend a few days enjoying the islands, fishing, swimming and snorkelling around the archipelago. Guests will also enjoy a History lesson on the Nuclear weapons testing by the British Military in the Montebello Islands. We will also visit the site of Ground Zero where an atomic blast occurred in the 1950's. We will explore more of the islands including champagne bay, vodka beach and turtle bay. As you enjoy your last sunset drinks and canapés, we will start our final journey to Broome.



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